iOS 13 - Three top features

iOS 13 – Three top features to check out right now

iOS 13 has been released a few days ago and the hashtag #iOS13 is trending on Twitter. It is the latest release of Apples famous operating system for their iPhones and bringing a lot of features and improvements to the iPhone.

Here is a list of three features you should check out:

1. Dark Mode

The most talked about feature is probably dark mode – but it is also the widest feature because it affects the whole system.

You can set it to automatically activate when the sun goes down. And that‘s a real game changer. The dark mode has already been appreciated on the MacBook and on the iPhone it‘s even more comfortable for the eyes because your iPhone is probably the last device you’re looking at before going to sleep. Especially on the devices with an OLED the dark areas are completely black.

2. Editing of videos

You probably already tried to edit a video on your iPhone. You may then have noticed that the only thing you could edit was the length of it – and nothing more. iMovie has a few filters but that’s it.

Now with iOS 13 you are actually able to edit videos with a wide array of tools. You can still cut it but you can also crop it, change the lighting and the colors, apply filters and finally turn it. All from the new Photos-App.

As someone who is editing videos quiet often it is giving me way more possibilities. I will definitely try to edit my next video directly on the iPad and see how well it works.

I still own the iPhone X with the A11 SoC but I have no problem editing a 4K60 video on my iPhone. And that’s just showing how powerful the iPhone X remains.

3. Trending activity

This will be interesting for everyone who’s having an Apple Watch. Your Watch is tracking movement information constantly during the day. You iPhone will now use this data and prepare an overview that let’s you see how well your last 90 days are in comparison to the last 365 days. It will then tell you if your trend goes up or goes down and how active you should be per day to get a positive trend.

Theres much more to see

Apple introduced many more features in iOS 13. I recommend that you just watch the keynote summary of WWDC 2019 by TheVerge to get a better overview of all the improvements.

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