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Universal Clipboard on iPhones, iPads and Macs [Tip of the day #2]

Did you ever have the situation that you had to copy something from your iPhone over to your Mac? This could apply to images, documents or other files. Well, you don’t have to send you the file over WhatsApp or some other janky way. Here‘s a quicker approach: Universal Clipboard

How does Universal Clipboard work?

It‘s pretty straight forward. You just have to make sure that you use the same Apple Account across all your devices and that you have Bluetooth, WiFi and Handoff enabled. You can enable Handoff in the setting of your devices, you can read more details about enabling it on Apples Support Page.

After that its just as easy as copy and paste.

Select whatever you want to copy on your Apple Device and paste ist on the other device.

Why is it important?

Universal Clipboard enables you to have a much faster interaction between your devices. It’s working independent of the thing that you want to transfer. It can be a file, a word, a sentence, an image or a video. And the best part of it is that it is enabled by default, as long as you don’t touch the WiFi or Bluetooth settings.

Is there more?

Apple offers many methods to make the usage of your machines easier. Universal Clipboard is just one feature of Apples Continuity across its devices. They allow you to use your iPad as a second display or having access to your photos on all devices whenever you need them – even if you have a photo library of 500 GB. And there are many other capabilities like the Continuity Camera, AirDrop and Instant Hotspot.

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