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Use one USB-C charger for all your devices [Tip of the day #7]

If you know me then you also know one thing: I am obsessed with USB-C. It‘s just the best connector that ever came out. It‘s reversible, support high-speed data-transfer, its universal and a solid but yet small connector. It allows you to pass so many types of information. You can hook it up to your TV to stream a video, you can connect a USB-C-stick or harddrive to transfer data or you can just charge you laptop with it.

That why I‘m saying: You should get one multi USB-C charger for all your devices!

It is way more versatile than a USB-A charger and you can recharge all kinds of devices that have USB-C on at least one side. More and more devices will get this awesome connector and it is just future proof. And if some companies decide to switch to USB-C on all devices (looking at you, Apple…) then you can use one cable and one charger for all devices.

Here is a selection of two charger that I can recommend to you.

Aukey OMNIA 100W PD Charger – Small yet strong enough for all devices

Aukey OMNIA 100W PD Charger with USB-C
Aukey OMNIA 100W PD Charger

This charger allows Power Delivery for up to 100 watts! At a very small footprint it is capable of charging your phone, your tablet and also your notebook!

Apple released the new MacBook Pro 16“ a few months ago, making this charger even sufficient enough for the new laptop allowing to be charged with up to 96 watts.

But of course it is also compatible with all the other great devices support Power Delivery.

Link to website

Aukey Focus Duo 36W Dual-Port PD Charger – Small price & versatility with two USB-C ports

Aukey Focus Duo 36W Dual-Port PD Charger with Dynamic Detect and USB-C
Aukey Focus Duo 36W Dual-Port PD Charger with Dynamic Detect

If you don’t have a laptop that can be charged using USB-C and you‘re new to the world of this glorious connector then you should try this charger. The Focus Duo allows you to charge two devices at the same time – for example a tablet and a smartphone. If both devices support Power Delivery then you can charge both at the same time giving 18W to each port! But if you‘re charging, let’s say only an iPad Pro 10.5“ (click here to read more about that), then you can charge that single device with up to 30W! As you can see this charger is capable of steering the power, allowing up to 18W for each USB-C connector if two devices are connected or up to 30W if only one is connected.

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Why is it important?

USB-C is the future, especially USB with PD (power delivery). The demand for chargers supporting the connector has risen and it becomes more and more popular. The shift of Apple to USB-C (or Thunderbolt 3) on all MacBooks now allows you to use the same charger for your smartphone, tablet and laptop. And getting the right cables allows you to use it just with everything. Goodbye USB-A.

Is there more?

There is a lot more to read about. Take this article of CNET for example: It shows you a good collection of some USB-C chargers that support PowerDelivery. You should just do some research and pick a good charger for your needs. Do you need to charge your laptop with it as well? Do you want to keep the price down? Or do you need two USB-C connectors?

The companies reply to the growing demand and now is your time to equip yourself with the connector of the future.

(Disclaimer: This article is not sponsored or supported by Aukey. I’m just recommending devices based on my own opinion)

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