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Count your daily actions [Tip of the day #4]

This tip is for everyone who is starting something on their own and focuses more on the outcome than on actions. It can be a blog, a new business or what ever that you do because you want to do it and you may want to live from it one day.

In todays world we tend to be way to interested in good results. We want to be the best in our school class or the best in the job. We want to jump high and reach the top. We want success, money and freedom. Our whole life was always focused on the goal and the result. And you may have already reached a decent job, got a regular income and a raise.

Now working on your own projects is a different situation. Suddenly you are working on something where no one is paying you money or attention at the beginning. You probably won’t have the results that you were expecting – leading you into negative thoughts about the work that you have put in. Because your results have always rated your achievements and now that you have no results you think that you are just not good enough.

We forget an important fact: When we work on our own projects, no one is measuring or telling us how good we are doing. There is only you.

There is a simple trick to shift your thinking

In order to get the motivation to achieve progress in your projects you should do at least the following:

Start counting your actions instead of focusing on the results. Do the best you can do right now because its the actions that will shape your future.

Only focusing on the results will make you stop very quick because there is a lot of competition out in the world that you have to face. But instead of looking at the result you could also just start counting your actions that you have done every day. This will give you way more energy in whatever you’re doing.

Why is it important?

Your daily actions will shape the outcome of your future. Can you control your future or can you control your actions? Of course its your actions. They will allow you to shape the next years of your life.

How can you expect good health when you don’t eat healthy or don’t work out today?
How can you expect less dependency of your everyday-job when you don’t start building something?
You get the idea.

Your future depends on what you do today. It’s that easy.

So don’t look at the outcome, look at what you have achieved today. Every day.

Is there more?

The tip of the day got its inspiration of the “Entrepreneurs on Fire” podcast from 22nd April 2020. The team behind “Entrepreneurs on Fire” release a new podcast every 1-3 days and every one of them is worth a lot. There are many tips that help you on your way up. Besides that, educating yourself by hearing podcasts is essentially free. You just have to do it.

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