Invest in yourself while commuting [Tip of the day #5]

Invest in yourself while commuting [Tip of the day #5]

Start listening or reading while commuting

Commuting every day to work can take up a lot of your time. Just one hour every day will result in 225 hours in a year spent in the car, train, bus or whatever is used. Using this time just to hear music may relax you a little bit but learning will have a long time effect on you and your future. The awesome part about it: If you learn a little bit every day it is a lot a month later. And as I mentioned in another article every little action that you take counts! You will start liking what you read or hear.

Why is it important?

How much time do you spent into your learning every day? If you have never thought about it and you’re always busy with work then it’s probably not much.

Quitting school doesn’t mean that you don’t have to learn anymore – the real learning just starts after school! What’s bad: No-one is checking if you learned it correctly. What’s good: You can learn whatever you want to learn because you decide it. It’s something for your next hobby or also something to be better and more successful in your job.

You are your own boss when it comes to what you want to learn next.

Is there more?

So, what now? Usually there are two ways how you can invest into yourself:

  1. Go to Audible and subscribe to their offer where you get an audio book every month. Depending on your location it may cost around 15 $ per month. CarPlay and some car manufactures have an implementation to have easier navigation through the audio book while driving. Audible allows you to hear your favourite books on the go and they have a huge selection.
  2. Get an E-Reader like the Kindle (by Amazon as well). It is very lightweight and a good working device allowing you to read comfortably using sunlight or the integrated background lightning.

This are just a few recommendations I did myself. It is up to you how you use your time while commuting.

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